I’m sitting in our suite at the JW Marriott Mumbai whilst writing this. Usually I would review a product or service fully and then write up my review…but not here. I’m so impressed with everything from the collection at the airport, welcome at the hotel down to the finishing touches when our room is made up in the mornings that I just had to blog whilst here. In order to really describe the ambience, atmosphere and surroundings I wanted to blog whilst I’m still here to fully portray my opinion of the hotel. Before I go any further I just want to show you what my view is whilst I’m sitting in my suite blogging…

I know… amazing right? This is Juhu Beach and what an incredible view it is. I’ve stayed in some of the best hotels in the world and I can safely say that this is the first one that doesn’t cut corners when giving you a room with a view. I can literally see from one end of the beach to the other. It doesn’t end here…the view in the bathroom is quite literally magnificent. The bathroom interior is coincidently exactly to my taste; pure white marble with simple, clean lines and lots of space.

Our bedroom again has an amazing view and the homely shades make it easy to settle in and make your own. Not forgetting the super large and comfortable pillows!

Our lounge is spacious and very inviting. You could easily just spend the entire day indoors without feeling the need to go outside! I love how the office space is out of the way yet not completely separate to the lounge.

JW Marriott Mumbai is full of friendly staff and so far every person we’ve come across from the Head Chef to the cleaners are so welcoming and go out of their way to make us feel comfortable and at home. We’ve had a good wander around and the interior is impressive to say the least. The buffet area is my favourite as it’s so spacious and overlooks the beautiful gardens at the back of the hotel. Breakfast is definitely a highlight of JW Marriott Mumbai. The chefs each at their own stations create the most delectable cuisine. I would highly recommend the ‘Aloo Paratha’. They were so good I had to have two. I could have continued onto a third but I had to be realistic and don’t want to skip lunch! Last night there was a an amazing pianist near the lobby and he was quite happy to play a few of my favourite tracks which made my night! This morning he was replaced with two talented musicians using bowls of water as drums and the traditional indian table to create beautiful sounds.

The garden and pool area has to be my favourite part of the hotel. So much greenery and a stunning water feature throughout all the way into the pool area. At every angle there’s absolute breathtaking beauty.

The Indian restaurant; Saffron, is truly amazing. The food is exquisite. The set menu is bursting with flavours that bring your taste buds to life. As usual I was snapping away over Snapchat and I loved how every member of staff that I filmed were quite happy to be in front of the camera.

I still have another day here before I leave so I’m sure there is still so much for me to experience but so far this has been an impeccable stay here at the JW Marriott Mumbai. If you’re ever in Mumbai then you must stay at the JW Marriott and speak to Victor Chen to book…it’s quite possibly the best hotel in Mumbai.

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