Considering I’m not a veggie, I love a good falafel! For the best Lebenese street food, Operation Falafel is by far the leader in my eyes. The falafel is definitely the best I’ve tried and I could easily order just a falafel for mains considering I’m a meat eater. The modern decor balances out the traditional street style food.

The Food – I ordered Carrot Juice to start with and as much as I thought it wouldn’t taste good I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious it was. I’ve since starting having Carrot Juice a few times a week! The Chicken Shawarma was shredded to perfection and moist. The sides were just as delicious but the dessert totally won me over. I would never usually order dessert at a Lebanese/Arab restaurant and it’s mostly because I’m already too stuffed to then devour Kunafeh or some Baklava. My husband and I tried the Apple Toffee Crunch and the OF Lotus Crust. We tried a bit of each others and I couldn’t believe how delicious these little jars of heaven were. I’m a good cook and my forte is desserts, in particular cheesecakes. This was one of the bests cheesecakes I’ve tried. I’m not sure what exactly the ingredients were but if you’re going to try Operation Falafel…don’t just stop at the falafel.