The Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide is a new addition to my clutch and it’s because it looks so stunning on my lips as well as in my clutch!

I received the press gift set and noticed they were heavily promoting the hashtag #itsnotwhatyouthink which once I used the lipsticks I realised they really were not what I thought! Personally I have always loved Givenchy lipsticks; they are comfortable on the lips (which can’t be said for most liquid lipsticks on the market) and the packaging is always sleek. The Le Rouge Liquide packaging is a black leather sleeve which is slightly taller and slim than their other collections. When you pull the lid off you see the lipstick but it isn’t what you think (this is where the hashtag comes to mind!), it’s a silicone sponge tip as the applicator and in the center is where the product is released. When you twist the lipstick the product comes through the applicator but this is whats great – you can reverse your twist if you’ve let too much come out and it reduces to the desired amount of product!

There are 14 different shades and my personal favorite is No101 Nude. It’s the perfect Nude that isn’t too brown and almost seems like it adjusts to your lip color. All in all, it’s a new favorite of mine!