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Get my signature pout

So many people ask me how I create my plump matte flesh colour lips. The truth is, my lips are not really that big. It’s all down to clever shaping and using the right shades for your skin tone – I sound like Kylie Jenner now! Seriously, if done correctly you can fake the juiciest of lips. I’ll be doing a YouTube tutorial on this soon so keep posted on my channel ‘Nina Ubhi’.

  1. Use Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in Iconic Nude to line your lips. Start from the outer corners of your mouth by lining one quarter of the way in. This ensures that your lips don’t look so obviously outlined. Now start from the centre of your upper lip line and line just outside your natural lip line and join the line you started from the corners. Do the same on the lower lip.
  2. Don’t worry if you feel your lip line looks too far above your natural lip line at the moment!
  3. Using a clean lip brush start blending the inner section of your lip line inwards leaving the outer section of your lip line alone.
  4. Apply MAC Tropic Tonic by dabbing it on the upper and lower lip without taking it up to the lip liner.
  5. Smile!…and using your lip brush start spreading the colour all over your lips into the lip liner.
  6. Using a clean lip brush and a very small amount of cream concealer (MAC studio finish concealer works best) clean up the outer lip line. This gives a clean strong pout as well as discreetly highlighting the outer area which in turn gives the illusion of a fuller pout.
  7. You can blot your lips if you feel the colour is too strong but it will fade into a stunning natural shade throughout the day.

I would love to see how you get on with this so please share your pout on Instagram! Be sure to hashtag me! #NinaUbhi

Lots of love

Nina x