Bobby and I go to many brunches but we prefer the relaxed ones where you can enjoy the food, atmosphere and chilled vibes. We recently tried the St Regis Brasserie Quartier Versailles Evolution Brunch and it has definitely made it to the top 5 brunches we’ve tried.

Atmosphere + Vibe: If you’re an early guest (we always are because Bobby is so time efficient but if it were my way then I’d prefer to be fashionably late!) they take you into the Champagne Lounge where they have a resident DJ playing good music and waiters rotating perfectly to offer you canapes and drinks which gives you a taste of what’s to come. My husband was instantly impressed with the freshly made virgin Mojito – he said it was the best Mojito he’s ever tried. When you are ushered into the Brasserie Quartier you are welcomed by a live Jazz band with a petit female singer who has an incredible voice! The general vibe is perfect if you want to impress guests and still good if it’s just the two of you.

Food: When you look around you could say it’s a celebration of culinary art! The food is generously displayed which makes you wonder where to start. With the Versailles package you have a set menu but as well as this you have access to the vast buffet on display! We couldn’t actually eat the set menu because we just knew we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the food surrounding us so we opted to just have the buffet. The type of food in the buffet ranges from roast lamb, chicken, fish, lobster, oysters, vegetarian dishes – but I honestly can not begin to tell you how much food there is. You will not leave disappointed because the food is delicious. Don’t get me started on the desserts…! They have a live Croissant station where you can see countless freshly made Croissant’s ready to go into the oven and then a waiter brings them out fresh to your table. The dessert section was delicious – all of my all time favorite desserts; strawberry trifle, chocolate fountains, fresh cakes and the list goes on. What I really loved was how everything was so fresh and the staff were so friendly and professional.


AED 350 Haute package
AED 550 Couture package
AED 650 Versailles package

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