If you’re after amazing cuisine with a spectacular view then head to Karam Beirut. It’s probably one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Dubai if you’re looking for authentic food plus the shisha is great.  When we visited this place we made sure we ordered a bit of everything…even the dishes we usually don’t go for and in particular I think my favorite dish was the chicken wings, lentil soup and meat platter. One of our guests was vegetarian and I was so pleased that we didn’t have a problem picking some delicious options for her considering it was her first time trying Lebanese food! The food was very fresh and I was surprised at how quick it came to the table considering how much we ordered.

The service was impeccable and I remember commenting on this to my husband after we left. The staff were so attentive and always checking to see if we needed more food. My husband and I have a Keto lifestyle which in short means our macro’s are 5% Carbs, 15% Protein and 80% (good) Fat. So when I told the staff that two of us were keto and one vegetarian they had no problem in picking dishes that would suit our diets. This is so rare when we go out to eat so it was just refreshing and relaxing to be looked after in this sense.

Another aspect I love about this particular restaurant is that it has one of the best views in Dubai Mall. You can sit outside (with AC) , enjoy shisha and great food whilst watching the fountains and Khalifa light show. If you’re looking for a place to have an overall great evening especially if you have guests over then this is definitely the place to try out.