I don’t think I know anyone who enjoys visiting the dentist…including myself. However, that’s changed since I visited Apa Aesthetics. I’ll be honest, I don’t go as regularly as I should and I was a little nervous to see the dentist because of this reason. I’ve never had any problems with my teeth but I’d say the only thing I don’t like are my lower teeth as they a little crooked (they only seem to have become this way over the last couple of years).

I decided to get a clean and teeth whitening. I’ve never had teeth whitening done before so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I’ve had my teeth cleaned before but whenever it’s been done prior to this visit it’s been super uncomfortable and I just remember thinking I can’t wait to leave this place.

Apa Aesthetics has a good reputation and Doctor Apa works with VIP clients from all over the world; Beverly Hills elite, Dubai VIP, Hollywood actors etc so he’s known as I’d say one of the best dentists around. He has two hubs, one being in New York and the second in Dubai. It’s hard to pin him down as he’s only in Dubai for a short period each month but he has a team of carefully selected specialists.

My experience: Apa Aesthetics definitely doesn’t look like a regular dental clinic. It’s all white with a hint of Gold and a very chic finish. This was the first time I felt so comfortable seeing the dentist. When you’re seated in the treatment room you’re not staring at an unattractive ceiling counting the minutes until you can leave! There’s a decent size tv embedded into the ceiling and you’re given your own Apple remote to watch whatever you like on movies and you’re welcome to purchase a movie if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Oh yes, and you also have your own headphones. Amazing right? I didn’t even realise I had been there for 2 hours by the time we were done.

My dentist: My dentist was Faith and she is so nice and calming! She explained everything thoroughly and went through the different shades of white including where mine were on the chart. Faith explained to me exactly what she would be doing and that made me feel better about the whole treatment. The nice thing was that even after the treatment she messaged me to see how I was doing.

The treatment: It was painless and comfortable. They put a rubber mouth opener (the one where all your teeth are fully visible – I have no idea what it’s called!) in your mouth and although I thought I would feel restricted and uncomfortable it was actually fine. She gave me a clean and started the treatment. It consists of three rounds of whitening at 15 minutes each. She warned me that I may feel ‘zingers’ which is basically quick zings of sensitivity in specific teeth but said some people don’t feel anything. I did get some zingers which wasn’t painful – it’s just a shot of sensitivity so a little uncomfortable. Once we were done she showed me my new teeth color which was 5 times whiter!

Post treatment: You have to keep yourself on a white diet for 2 days after teeth whitening. Teeth whitening dries out the teeth so they need to re-mineralize and if you eat anything within these two days that has color then it will easily stain the teeth. Basically, you can eat anything that wouldn’t leave a stain on a white table cloth!

The results: As you can see I’m so happy with the results! Plus you go home with a full teeth whitening kit so that you can top up when needed!

Teeth Whitening at Apa Aesthetics Dubai – Nina Ubhi blog review