I wasn’t sure if I’d like these but they are stunning! The Fenty vivid liquid eyeliners come in 3 sets of trios (so a total of 9 shades); Baeside, Baecay and Baewatch. If you’re looking for vibrant liner that literally does NOT smudge, run or fade then this is it. Here are my thoughts after trying them out and realizing I now love colored liner!

Colors – Nine different shades and each one is super vibrant with amazing pigment. The best way to describe the colors is ELECTRIC PASTEL POP! The colors come out exactly as they look in the packaging so you won’t be disappointed.

Application – The brush is super fine and stays in place. It’s really easy to apply and the fact that the brush isn’t too long helps with precision.

Longwear – Ok, so these babies do not budge! You can swim, sunbathe and do more or less anything and the pigment will stay vibrant, it won’t crack and doesn’t smear. You will however need a waterproof makeup remover to take it off.