I think we were all in anticipation for a bold lip color from Fenty seeing as it’s an iconic look for Riri. Well it’s finally here! The Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid lip Color is in a bold Red which claims to offer high-impact color, 12 hour matte finish and low-maintenance longwear. Having tried it, here are my thoughts…

Packaging –  I love the sleek design and with the screw top you don’t have to worry about the liquid leaking out. After using it a few times the base has stayed clean which is great because I hate it when liquid lipsticks start becoming messy around the cap. The wand tip is in a diagonal flat finish to ensure precise application.

Color and finish – It glides on so smoothly and doesn’t dry straight away which is a major plus point in my books. I prefer to be able to move the product around on my lips to create the perfect shape and it’s so difficult if liquid lipsticks dry too soon on the lips. The Stunna Lip Paint is in no rush to dry! You literally need one coat as the color is so beautifully pigmented. It dries after a few minutes but to just the right amount. I’ve used countless liquid lipstick brands and some of them either dry too soon, dry so much that my lips feel shrivelled up or the smell puts me off. The Fenty Stunna Lip Paint dries to the point that it becomes a matte finish but my lips still feel hydrated and smooth.

THE 12 HOUR TEST – Ok so I didn’t get to 12 hours but that was just because I was shattered and wanted to sleep but 11 hours is good enough I think. It lasted so well that I was surprised when I looked in the mirror at the end of the night and it was still in tact. I had been eating and drinking and it still looked good. My lips didn’t dry out by the end of the night which was even better.

This will definitely leave you impressed so I would highly recommend this as your new go-to Red. Below you can see a swatch of the shade including how the shade looks on me, Rihanna and some models of different skin tone. Please bear in mind that my image was taken in front of a ring light so is brighter than the others.

Fenty Stunna Lip Paint Swatch
Fenty Stunna Lip Paint Swatch
Rihanna 3
Rihanna wearing Fenty Stunna
Me wearing Fenty Stunna
Stunna Model 2
Model wearing Fenty Stunna
Stunna Model 1
Model wearing Fenty Stunna