So lets talk about the Fenty Galaxy Palette. To be honest I wasn’t too sure if I would have bought this palette had I just seen pictures and that’s just because the colors seemed so random compared on what I usually wear. I was sent it through press so I gave it a try and here are my thoughts.

First Impressions + Packaging – I loved the look and feel of the palette. It’s super sleek and lightweight. The only thing I wasn’t happy about is how obvious dirt and fingerprints are on the packaging. Maybe I’m just a little OCD but I like to keep my palettes clean. As much as you keep wiping it, you just won’t get it back to how new and shiny it was when you first bought it. The colors look so much prettier than what they look like online. After seeing the colors I was pretty excited about trying them out as I really hoped they looked as sparkly on the eyes as they did in the palette.

Application + Texture – I filmed this whole look so you can see the full tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYwS2b_97DY Now when I first applied it with the brush I wasn’t too impressed. Hardly anything lifts onto the brush and therefore hardly anything transfers to your lids. However, I also know that glitter shadows are generally meant to be applied with a damp brush or finger for full impact so that’s what I did next. The colors were beautiful and the pigment is great once the brush is sprayed with some fixing spray.

Staying Power – Having kept my makeup on for the rest of the evening I was pretty impressed. Usually these glitter pans tend to dust off the eyes later in the day but this stayed quite well. Yes, there were a few bits of glitter that fell onto my face from the lids throughout the evening but that’s glitter…it goes everywhere so what else can you expect. All in all I liked the palette and have used it on several clients who also seem to like it.