Eyebrows Before and After!

If you’re anything like me then you love before and after pictures! Whether it be make up, hair, eyebrows or total makeovers, I love seeing transformations. Yes, I used to love watching ‘Extreme Makeovers’. One of the most common things I get asked to correct by my clients are their eyebrows. I’m not one of those make up artists that does the bare requirements. If the clients brows need tweezing then I’ll happily do it. Brows are so important and yes, they really do frame the face!

Here is a picture of a clients eyebrows before and after. The products I used were Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in ‘Auburn’ and the Brow Gel in ‘Caramel’.  

For this client I had to trim her brow hairs as well as pluck out a few hairs for the arch. I gave her a clean top line of the brow because she already had such a nice soft shape for the bottom line of her brows. The Anastasia brow gels are amazing. The gel finishes brows off perfectly and gives a stunning tint to the hair to enhance them rather than make them look too bold.