I’ve just had probably one of the best massages of my life. 90 minutes of pure heaven. I wasn’t sure what was in store when I booked this at Tips and Toes, apart from the fact that I needed a massage and had a lot of tension in my back as well as recovering from a lung infection. So as you can tell, I was in need of some downtime. The first 30 minutes of massage is dry and from what I could tell, so that the therapist could get a feel for my body and muscle tension. Then the massage is focused on every single muscle in your body. All the areas that therapists usually miss out were taken care of. I was in and out of sleep and honestly feel so refreshed and full of life.

Tips and Toes is my regular when it comes to my gelish mani and pedi and having tried other salons this definitely is one of the best around. Plus there is a branch a 1 minute walk away from where I live! I’m definitely going back for the Energy Healing Massage and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to walk away on air!