To be honest, I haven’t used Cover FX foundations prior to this….not even those much talked about custom drops that everyone was hyped about for a while. I’m fussy when it comes to foundations (for self use) and the texture of it is so important to me. If it’s too fluid then I know it’s not going to give me the coverage I want and if it’s too thick then it’s going to look too obvious on my skin. The Cover FX Power Play foundation claims to be sweat proof, ensures shine control and stays on all day without drying the skin or dulling the complexion. It’s best suited to combination to oily skin types, however I have used it on my clients with dry skin and it’s been perfect BUT I heavily moisturized their skin prior to application and don’t set with powder.

When reviewing foundations I always have to give it at least a few outings of wearing it in order to see if I’m happy with how it lasts and how it looks after a few hours of wearing it. I also like to wear it with different makeup so I can tell how it looks without contouring, with contouring, light eye makeup and heavy makeup. Here are my thoughts after wearing it for one week…

Texture and finish – I like the texture of it, it’s not too thick and gives a nice finish to the skin especially if you’re opting for a minimal kind of look. This has definitely become my go-to for when I don’t want to contour and want just light makeup. The finish is great when I’m wearing light makeup as I don’t set it with powder and just let my skin absorb it up.

Application – It’s super easy to apply and theres no right way to apply it. When I’m wearing lighter makeup and just want very quick coverage then I use a stipple brush (only because it’s quicker) and if I’m wearing a full heavier look then I use my Beauty Blender.

Wear – For lighter makeup it lasts very well and even later in the day I felt I still had a nice color to my skin and the foundation was still ‘on’. When wearing it for a heavier look I would recommend setting it with powder, especially if you want to keep the matte look throughout the day. It doesn’t oxidize at all which is great!

Shades – It comes in 40 shades and I’m so impressed with the skin colors they have covered. Ranging from light to olive to tanned to dark. The shades progress nicely from light to dark and cover all the in betweens I sometimes feel brands miss out…like my color!


Cover FX Power Play Foundation-N40- AED 210Cover FX Power Play Foundation-N10- AED 210Cover FX Power Play Foundation-N90- AED 210

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