Having recently received the new Cinescope Mascara from Sephora I thought I’d try it out on a ‘no lash’ day. Generally if I’m working from home or just wear light make up then I opt for a good mascara that adds lift and length. I tried the new Cinescope that claims to give a multi lash effect whilst adding lots of volume to give a fan like finish. I was pleasantly surprised with the results as initially I thought it may not give enough volume based on the look of the brush. I would recommend curling your lashes before using any mascara to achieve the full effect of whichever mascara you’re using. Cinescope is a good mascara for everyday use when you’re not wearing false lashes. It separated my lashes yet gave tons of volume at the root of the lash meaning I wasn’t left with clumpy ends. It doesn’t dry immediately which is good I guess as its easier to manipulate your lash direction when applying but you equally want to make sure you don’t look up or blink too hard whilst it’s still wet. 9 out of 10 from me.