Ok so I’ve always heard people say chicken and waffle is the ultimate dish but I never quite understood why you would pair these two together. The thought of something sweet and adding chicken to it just baffled me. Once I’ve found something good I stick to fact I may over-do it…I just don’t stop until I find the next thing I love. So based on this, it’s difficult for me to try new things when it comes to food unless it’s a whole new restaurant that I’m trying. If I know what tastes amazing at a particular restaurant then why do I want to risk trying something new there when it may not live up to my expectations and then I feel like it’s just a waste of a visit and I also missed out on having my regular dish. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way?!

Well, the one time I did this it actually worked out pretty well. I love Clinton Street Baking Company – in particular the pancakes! Literally the best in Dubai. This time I tried Chicken and Waffle because I basically got talked into it – I know…what was I thinking?! I honestly didn’t think I’d like this combo but it was insanely good! If you want to try something different this weekend then this is it!