So as you all know I mainly cover everything related to Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle on my  blog and don’t often touch on what’s available for the amazing Men in our lives. I’m going to be covering much more about Men’s Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. So lets start with probably the best Barber Shop in Dubai!

Most of you probably already know my husband Bobby from my Snapchat (Nina_Ubhi). Well he has his hair cut fortnightly at Chaps & Co by their barber; Jay and seems to be there for what seems like all day but comes back looking very sharp! So I decided to go with him to his fortnightly appointment and see what all the fuss is about.

Chaps & Co is a typically dapper British Barber Shop with a charismatic trendy twist. I loved how they had ‘Chaps & Co’ in bright lights within the shop giving a hint of Hollywood to it! The Barbers in Chaps & Co all look uniformly sharp in black cigarette pants, white shirt and braces (think Mad Men). As well as an impressive shop front and plush interior they also a sofa area where the guys can chill with tea/coffee and play Playstation while they wait!

Bobby had a facial, manicure, pedicure, beard trim and hair cut. I left him to it and took to the sofa area and watched on whilst my brother and one of the Barber’s had a FIFA match on Playstation. Once Bobby had been pampered and relaxed he had an amazing cut and fade by Jay. I can’t recommend this guy enough. No arrogance and very friendly which makes it so much more comfortable when opting for a new style. He takes his time and attention to detail is his forte which shows when you view his Instagram page: J_MASTERBARBER.DXB

If you want the Man in your life to have the best fade in Dubai then visit Chaps & Co!


Instagram: ChapsAndCoBarberShop

Jay the Barber Instagram: J_MasterBarber.Dxb