Benefit cosmetics sent over the new ‘Boi-ing cakeless concealer’ collection which I’ve swatched below for you. I really don’t like the previous ‘Boi-ing’ concealers (the ones in the pots) as the colors just weren’t for right for tanned or dark skin. They were either too Orange or turned a different color on the face. The new ‘cakeless concealers’ are so much better and I really feel like Benefit have improved their color spectrum! It’s not perfect yet but I think they are on the right track.

The collection consists of 12 shades (this is where I feel they could get better) ranging from light to dark (but not dark enough in my opinion and there could be a wider selection in the middle for tanned skin). Now the improvements that I’ve seen are the texture of the concealer and how it sits on the skin. The liquid concealer has just the right amount of coverage considering it’s full coverage. When brands say it’s ‘full coverage’ I usually worry that it will be too cakey on crack easily. I’m glad the team at Benefit have tackled this concern quite cleverly in the name! I actually love how this concealer looks on skin – it’s creamy and doesn’t dry too quickly like most full coverage concealers. It covers blemishes and under-eye dark circles very well and the shade stays true to color.

All in all this is a very good full coverage concealer. I’m just waiting for them to create a vast variety of shades for all of us that fall in the middle and end of the color chart!