Cleaning my makeup brushes is something I don’t generally look forward to. I wash my brushes between each client and that’s something I would never compromise on but for my own brushes which I use on my own face, I can’t deal with washing them every single day! So I wash my own brushes once a week however in between I use a disinfectant spray when I want to switch between colors and don’t have the time to wash. However, the spray can still leave my brush damp which can ruin the application of my next shade.

I am so excited about this new brush cleaner that Fenty have released! It’s the ‘Dry Brush-Cleaning Sponge’ which comes in a small tin so it’s easy to travel with and doesn’t take up much room. All you need to do is swipe your brush on the textured sponge and it’s ready to use for your next color!