Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

I recently visited the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery and had probably one of the nicest consultations ever when it comes to non invasive surgery. I met with Dr Juan Tadeo Krogulec who is a Latin-American specialist plastic surgeon. For the first time I met a doctor in Dubai who was totally honest with me in terms of what I wanted. I went in for Botox around the eyes and while I had my consultation and felt so comfortable with him, I took the opportunity to ask him about all the questions I’ve ever had!

There’s nothing new I can really tell you about Botox so I’ll leave that part out but I can tell you that I felt as though the doctor really listed to what I was saying. I’ve been to other doctors for consultations and usually felt as though they’re not really bothered about me or my questions. I wanted someone who would tell me what they think and what was the best solution to my concerns.

If you’re in need of someone who listens and gives you honest advice then head over to the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery and ask to see Dr Juan!