I have a slow relationship with Bobbi Brown. I’ll be honest, the PR send me the odd product here or there and it’s never based on what I would personally like to try out but I do appreciate the fact they send anything so here’s my thoughts on the Bobbi Brown Luxe Defining lipstick along with some swatches of the range.

The packaging is great as usual, they keep to a Gold theme for the luxe range. The lipstick comes in a pencil style stick which resembles to a chunky eye pencil, it twists to release more of the pencil. The tip has a point and it comes with a sharpener so you can keep the tip sharp because the aim is that you can outline your lips with this lipstick and then fill them in. I found the formula very soft which makes me not want to use the sharpener but I do love the creamy texture. It lasts very well on lips and even after eating and drinking you will still be left with a true to color stain on the lip (you will probably need an oil based makeup remover to fully remove it). Overall I love the finish of it and it’s slim and easy to carry around on the go, however the pigment is so good I doubt you need to carry this around with you. My personal favorite is the shade ‘Romantic’.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Defining Lipstick swatches