Are you more of a waffle person or pancake person? I thought I was more of a pancake person but waffles have taken it’s permanent spot right next to pancakes and it’s down to Clinton Street Baking Company in City Walk, Dubai. This is literally the best weekend morning spot around. They have the best waffles I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried plenty! The Apple and cinnamon waffle is amazing and I’m not sure what they put into the ice cream but it’s heaven – almost like a cross between indulgent clotted cream and Vanilla ice cream. Words can not express how much I love this place. I know I sound like I’m being OTT but the number of people I’ve sent to this place who have since raved about it is insane. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS PLACE and I promise YOU WILL BE HOOKED! Oh, and by the way…the pancakes are just as delicious too!