I usually wear my false lashes most of the time but when I give my eyes a break I still like to have a good mascara which gives me amazing volume and length but without the clumpy look. It’s actually pretty difficult to find a mascara that doesn’t leave clumps around your lashes. There are some great mascara’s out there for lashes full of volume but I always end up brushing through my lashes to remove clumps which then just decreases the length.

I received the Sephora Outrageous Volume mascara in a goody bag from a recent event and thought I’d give it a go because I had more or less given up on finding a mascara that actually ticked every box. Firstly I’m so impressed with the brush because when you use it each time the brush isn’t ridiculously coated with product and it glides through your lashes seamlessly. You end up with amazing volume and no clumps!