Living in Dubai, anyone will tell you how difficult it is to find a good hairdresser…and lets not even get started about color! Well I was invited to have my hair cut by the one and only Rossano Ferretti. Yes, the hair magician himself. He’s recently added another addition of hair spa’s to his ever growing worldwide list and it’s sitting pretty on Jumeirah Beach Road.

First impressions when entering are refreshing compared to most of the hair salons I’ve visited in Dubai. It’s eclectic, sleek and full of chic furnishings. I felt like I was sitting in in salon somewhere in London…only better.

Rossano is famous for many hair transformations but most famous for his $1500 ‘method cut’. To give you an idea of just how ‘in demand’ Rossano is, here is a list of just some of his regular clients:

  • The Duchess; Kate Middleton
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Salma Hayak
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Reese Witherspoon

Rossano is an Italian, straight to the point kind of gentleman and he’s not afraid to tell you what the state of hair is before he starts his magic. Lets just say he wasn’t happy with whoever cut my hair prior to him! He said I needed to go much shorter to ‘sort my hair out’ which I was nervous about but I equally felt comfortable with all his clients names popping up in my head. He was so quick with the cut and glided around me effortlessly to create what has to be the best haircut of my life. Rossano Ferretti is now my regular (if only he was based here! But his protege was highly recommended by him during my visit so I know I’m in good hands each time I visit.

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