Beauty trends come and go however here in Dubai, one trend never changes and that’s lashes.Wearing false lashes doesn’t mean they have to look OTT. So many of my clients over the years have complained about lashes being uncomfortable, the strip pinching the eyelid, having to wear eyeliner with the lashes to hide the band or generally not being able to find lashes that were just an enhancement of their own. Semi perm lashes look great…for only for so long. Eventually (and if you wash your face properly then pretty quickly) they fall out making it look like half your eyelashes are missing. That’s why I prefer strip lashes – you pop them on and whip them off!

It took my two years to develop my own line of lashes and the reason it took so long was because I wanted to eradicate every issue that my clients spoke about. I made sure the strip was comfortable and that you don’t need to wear eyeliner to cover the strip. My personal favorite is the Mink lash;‘Nina’ (hence why I called it Nina). I get asked all the time about these when I’m wearing them. Everyone seems to think I have semi-permanent lashes on because the strip is no where to be seen! I love that you can wear my lashes with no need for additional eye makeup. If you’re opting for a pair that are super natural then you can find these in the Classic collection – made for the ‘no makeup, makeup look’.