Beauty find: Arcancil

Arcancil is a French make up brand that’s been around since 1935. So when it comes to research and experience within the Beauty industry, they have it covered. I recently tried out their coveted Selfie Stick and Selfie Blender. Firstly, I love what they have called them! The Selfie Stick is a pearly illuminator thats light reflecting where ever you apply it. It’s a super handy little twist up stick that you can keep in your handbag if you want a glow on the go. I found it much easier than most pressed highlighters and easy to blend. The Selfie Blender is a make up sponge which is flat on one corner meaning it reaches in all the right parts of the face. I prefer using a damp sponge so I soak it in warm water and squeeze it all out. The application was so easy with this sponge although I found it difficult to take all the color out afterwards when cleaning but I think that’s also me being OCD. Arcancil products are available in Wojooh Dubai Mall.