When it comes to cleaning my brushes I have to admit that it’s been the worst part of my job as a makeup artist and I never look forward to it! Standing at the sink and thoroughly washing each brush ready for the next client and ending up with super dry hands is not exactly how I want to spend my evenings. I found a brush mat cleaner to make washing my brushes easier but I found it was just too big and messy so I ditched it and went back to my old method. However….I’ve been using the Beautyblender Keep It Clean mitt and its literally the best thing ever!

Paired with the Beautyblender solid soap it works wonders. The mitt slots onto your hand so easily and all you have to do is wet the brush, swirl onto the soap and then swirl around over the mitt. You will see all the makeup from the day wash away and your brushes are left spotless! The ridges on the mitt help to really get all of the dirt out from the brushes and what I love about the soap is that it keeps my brushes in good condition.

It’s not just your brushes that this little gem works on…my Beautyblenders are so easy to wash now. I wet the Beautyblender, swirl it over the soap and then bounce it, press it and just generally move it around over the mitt until it goes back to it’s original color and super clean. You will find your Beautyblenders last much longer by cleaning them this way.

These days it’s not just pro makeup artists like myself that need brush cleaning tools like this. Nearly every beauty addict on Instagram should own one of these!