I think it’s safe to say nearly every makeup savvy person owns a Beauty Blender. I actually couldn’t imagine applying my makeup in any other way if I want that perfectly flawless base. Remember the days when the flat foundation brush was all the rage? Well, now I use that same flat foundation brush to apply skin care (on clients) prior to makeup application. It’s strange how such a basic thing like a teardrop shaped sponge can totally change your makeup game.

I’m usually hesitant about trying new foundations but not with Beauty Blender. I just assumed if they could create something that gives the most amazing finish in a tool then they wouldn’t launch a foundation unless it could sit perfectly next to the Beauty Blender on its pedestal.

Beauty Blender have just launched it’s very own match…the Bounce liquid foundation. This innovative foundation is not just about the finish but also about how fuss free it is compared to other foundations. Everyone applies foundation in different ways; I always put one or two pumps on the back of my hand and apply it with my Beauty Blender from there. However, it’s messy and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve accidentally got foundation on my clothes because of the method. Well Beauty Blender have created a foundation that has a special reservoir on the bottle which eliminates the need to use the back of your hand. You can press the pump and the foundation can be applied using your Beauty Blender directly from the packaging…it’s like a mini palette all in one.

Shades – The Bounce foundations comes in 40 shades. My personal shade is 3.70 and having looked at all the shade options I can honestly say it’s definitely been catered for every skin tone in mind. The tan shades are not grey or orange in color. There is natural warmth in the darker shades that genuinely match people with my skin tone.

Coverage – The coverage is actually down to what you want which is great. If you want a light coverage finish then use a damp Beauty Blender with one application and if you want more coverage then you can just keep building it up to full coverage without the layers looking cakey or heavy.

Finish – The foundation gives a soft matte finish but with a velvet kind of feel. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, in fact it just feels and looks like your skin but perfected.

Longevity – This lasts very well. I’ve personally not worn it for longer than 12 hours and it’s still looked fresh and flawless. From what I know, Beauty Blender say that it looks picture perfect for up to 24 hours.