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Are these the best lashes in Dubai?

Hey guys, I’ve been awol lately due to this nasty virus that has been spreading around Dubai! I had the full works, chest infection, chronic cough, strep throat…you name it. After days of steaming, inhaling Vicks and antibiotics I’m finally on the mend and back to doing what I love.

So you may remember I attended the fabulous Blow Out & Go launch at the Grosvenor House Hotel. I was kindly invited by the beautiful Shereen Mitwalli. The amazing goody bag was bursting with full size beauty products, one of which was a set of LASH DUBAI lashes in ‘Naturally Fake’. I’ve been a huge Huda lashes fan for quite a while now which I think is why it’s taken me so long to try these lashes. If I’m totally honest with you, once a product truly satisfies me it’s hard for me to let go and try things on the market. Boy am I glad I tried these. It was a breath of fresh air to try something different and these lashes sit so perfectly on the lash line. It really didn’t feel like I was wearing any at all. At one point in the day (whilst I was getting my fortnightly gelish manicure) I remember my technician asking if my lashes were real and I said yes not realising that I was wearing any! When she looked at me in astonishment I jolted as I remembered I truly was being ‘naturally fake’ and promptly corrected myself by telling her I was in fact wearing lashes.

Here are some pictures of me wearing the lashes and did I forget to mention that they were still brand new when I removed them? I didn’t feel the need to apply as much mascara when I applied them and for those of you who are unsure about why it’s important to add mascara after applying lashes – it’s purely to make your real lashes adhere to the fake lashes so you can’t see the difference. I applied one coat of mascara and then used my thumb and forefinger to press the lashes together.