It’s rare that my husband and I have a day off and if we do then it’s usually forced. Having your own business means you never really switch off so for our unusual day off we both decided we would like to feel like we’re back in London for the day. The most British place we could think of was the illustrious Fortnum & Mason that sits proudly opposite the Burj Khalifa.

Tea and scones is one of my all time favourite treats. I’m hoping you can’t tell but to be honest I’m one of those who lives to eat and not eats to live. I’ve seen many people prepare their scones with hardly any cream and jam on top and it honestly makes me want to go over and say ‘Darling, let me prepare your scone so you can really taste it’. The bottom line is that you need a big dollop of clotted cream and Jam on top to really savor the flavor. Not just any clotted cream… I’ve experienced many afternoon teas in Dubai and the clotted cream never really hits the spot. It kind of ruins the afternoon tea if you don’t have the real clotted cream. I was pleasantly surprised when the staff at Fortnum & Mason explained that their clotted cream is imported from Somerset, UK.

We started off with sparkling white grape champagne (non alcoholic) which was refreshingly pleasant. The tower of afternoon tea was brought out consisting of traditionally British finger sandwiches, selection of scones accompanied by various jams and clotted cream and a layer of beautifully designed bite size desserts. Not very far from our table was a dessert table adorned with the most beautiful cakes that caught my eye. The sandwiches are delicious and half way though our afternoon tea my husband and I spoke about how much it felt like were sitting in London. The atmosphere was refreshingly British and it was truly memorable considering we were sitting in the heart of Dubai.

Fortnum & Mason is almost like a museum of British luxury. As you walk in you enter the magnificent tea room boasting of teas, biscuits and enough to make you want to buy an entire picnic set. The next level up is the Tea room where you can enjoy your afternoon tea either inside or if you can handle the heat then there is an incredible view of the Burj Khalifa on the terrace. Now on the next level up is something I didn’t even know they had! On the upper level is an ice cream parlour bursting with pastel shades. The design and colors are what you dream an ice cream parlour to look like!

I can only say good things about this afternoon tea. As a whole, it was probably the best afternoon tea I’ve had in Dubai. Fortnum & Mason is through and through traditional British luxury.