Living in Dubai can play havoc on your hair so here are a some of my tried and tested hair hacks to fight the frizz!

  1. Finish with a cold splash – When you’ve finished washing your hair and just about to get out of the shower, rinse your hair with cold water to seal the cuticles and keep the air moisture out!
  2. It’s all about the squeeze – Don’t vigorously rub your hair with your towel to ‘towel dry’ it. Gently squeeze the water out to avoid friction on the cuticles.
  3. Bring on the conditioner – Applying a generous amount of conditioner to your hair after shampooing helps to smooth the cuticles. Use a conditioner which has hydrating ingredients in it such as Shea Butter etc. Apply it from mid hair down rather than from the roots as this can weigh the hair down.
  4. Your new BFF – Keep a hair serum and hair tie in your bag for emergencies. If you’ve been sitting in the heat or even get caught in the rain (I highly doubt you’ll experience this in Dubai but for all you Londoners…) you will find your hair looks more like a lions mane than perfectly teased. In the bathroom, wet your hands then smooth your hair so it’s damp, next smooth a small amount of serum over it and twist into a low bun. It will look chic and if you untie it after a while you’ll have less of a lions mane and more of a sleek wave.
  5. Invest in a silk scarf – If you don’t want to invest in silk pillow cases then buy a silk scarf that you can tie around your hair before you go to bed. Cotton soaks up all the moisture from your hair which leaves it prone to frizziness.