The Mink Lashes Collection

These exclusive mink lashes are a premium offering allowing women to achieve beautifully full, natural eyelashes at home themselves. Custom designed by Nina, the mink lashes are extremely high-quality and luxurious to create the most natural, feather-like lashes as if they were your own.

With a cruelty free approach, the mink lashes come in a variety of styles ranging from a soft, lightweight feel for easy wearing and application to a more dramatic lash to amplify your look. Each pair of eyelashes are handmade and shaped to suit every eye shape and occasion and are highly durable when cared for properly.

Mink Lashes FAQ

Mink false eyelashes are made from the fur of Mink. This means that they are natural, durable and of a very high quality. Mink lashes have a soft, feather like and fluffy look to them.

If cared for properly, i.e. carefully peeled off and glue removed after each use, they have been tested by Nina herself to last up to 20 wears. As the lashes are made from Mink, a very high-quality fur, we have undergone testing prior to releasing them to our customers to test their durability.

Hold the false lash against your lash line to see if you need to trim the ends. You should leave a gap at the beginning of the lash line so that it does not irritate your eyes.

If the Mink lashes need trimming, then always trim from the end of the lash. Curl your real lashes using a lash curler and then apply one coat of mascara to your real lashes prior to Mink lash application, this acts as a good base for your false lash to sit on.

Use a good quality false lash glue and apply it to the strip of the Mink lash end to end. Leave the glue to semi-dry for around 30 seconds then using tweezers apply the Mink lash by sitting it on the bed of your real lash making sure that the end of the false lash is in line with the end of your real lash line.

Then using your tweezers push in the end of the Mink lash strip so it sticks to the end of your real lash line and then push in the beginning of the Mink lash strip, so it sticks to the beginning of your real lash line. Keep pushing in the false lash into your lash line so it sticks firmly.

Mink lashes do not require mascara to be applied to them as the hair is so soft, feather-like and natural you do not want to ruin the look of them. When you remove your Mink lashes you should hold from the strip and remove. Do not hold from the Mink lash hair and remove.

Once removed, with a tweezer or your fingers you can take hold of the glue that is stuck on the Mink lash strip and pull gently to remove. The glue should remove easily. To clean your lashes, you can use a facial wet wipe to clean the strip. Again, you should not apply mascara to the Mink lashes therefore there is no need to clean the actual Mink hair.

In a word, yes! We are very careful with the suppliers we use for our lashes as we do not want any animals harmed in the process of manufacturing. So, all the Mink sourced for our lashes are done so in a cruelty free way, where the animals are brushed regularly and the hair that falls out naturally is used for our lashes.

There are many different types of lashes out there, ranging from human hair, silk, faux mink and synthetic hair. The Mink Collection that we sell are all manufactured using only Mink hair, which is by far the most expensive and luxurious type of lash. We will in time to come, be releasing lashes made from other types of hair/fur – watch this space!

Lash extensions are semi-permanent, which means that a trained specialist will spend a few hours gluing individual lash hairs to your real eyelashes. These will then stay on for a period of time and naturally fall out when your natural lashes fall out. False strip lashes are various length of hairs attached to a band replicating your natural lashes in different length, volume and styles. The false strip lashes can be glued on and removed on top of your real lashes, without any damage to your existing hair.

The disadvantage of lash extensions is that they are fine for the time you need them, but then you have the period in between the full lash and fallout stage where you will be neither here nor there with full lashes or your natural eye lashes until you get a refill which usually requires another few hours. Some people become so annoyed during the in-between stage with their lash extensions, that upon pulling them out, end up pulling out their own actual eyelashes too. Another disadvantage of lash extensions are that you are limited to wearing much eye makeup. Removing your eye makeup will take twice as long if not longer as you have to ensure that you don’t use an oil-based product to remove your makeup – this will cause the lash extensions to fall out.

With false lashes, you just glue them on when you need them and then at the end of the day or evening, you can take them off and put them away. No heavy lids, no hair falling out, no time spent at a salon getting them stuck on – just a very simple stick on and pull off process.