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Makeup Masterclass | Nina Ubhi



Dubai, United Arab Emirates

HALF DAY (4 Hrs) | $300.00 (USD)
FULL DAY ( 7 Hrs) | $500.00 (USD)

Step-by-step demonstrations

Tailored Training

Practical Sessions

This one-to-one class is ideal for those wanting to advance their existing makeup skills, without being in a room filled with other students so Nina’s time is purely dedicated to you. Upon initial consultation, Nina will ascertain what you are looking to achieve from your time with her and then mutually agree on a personalised training plan, depending on the amount of time you wish to spend with her.

The classes are also flexible, so Nina will work around both your diary and hers, to accommodate a suitable day and time for the training to take place.

You can learn:

The art of prepping the skin

Colour correcting and colour matching

Advanced contouring and highlighting techniques

How to achieve 3D brows

The secret to flawless blending of eye shadows

Eye-liner techniques and lash application

Buffing, Baking & Setting

Understanding facial structures and how best to apply makeup to enhance features

The class takes makeup application to a whole new level of expertise. Created specifically for both novice and experienced makeup artists and also those looking to become pro. The class is tailored to your current skill levels and also what you would like to learn.

Nina is happy to share her knowledge and experience in:

Beauty techniques

Business expertise

Developing skills in social media marketing

Business development

Brand collaborations

How to build your kit

Photography techniques

“Nina has taught me every makeup trick and technique I know and use until today!”


 Private pre-training consultation

Mutually agreed training plan

Step by Step Demonstrations

Practical Sessions

Your personal time with Nina